Orientation to a General Framework for Teaching

Abul · May 18, 2020


Welcome to ‘Orientation to a General Framework for Teaching.

This is an archived course. It was conducted for upper secondary school teachers at Cedar School between  13 -25 April 2020, mainly via Zoom & Google Classroom.

It has been put up in this LMS mainly in its archived form but it also includes some amendments to the original course to support the logic of the LMS.  This should help create better flow .

This course serves as a ‘orientation’ to teaching. It is a teacher on-boarding course. All teachers (part or full time) who join Cedar School are required to take it.

There are two ways to get recognition for this course, a Certificate of Participation (COP) or a Certificate of Completion (COC).

If you complete the course including ALL the few short assignments it requires, then you can earn a Certificate of Completion.

If you participate in some of the activities but not all of them, then based on the discretion of the instructor you can earn a Certificate of Participation.

We recommend that your target for a Certificate of Completion.


A Certificate of Completion for this course ‘may’ be a prerequisite to take other training courses.

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