Live in the sunshine, Swim the sea, Drink the wild air.


There is a whole world of choice out there, and we know that it can be difficult to choose. The easiest way to create your perfect holiday is to speak to our advisers. We are here to give you inspiration and take care of all your bookings.

Tour Packages

We specialize in arranging tour packages. We have designed this site as friendly as possible to enable visitors to easily find the package that will suit them. We work with reputable overseas partners as we aim to provide competitive rates and reliable services.

Car Rentals

Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to create a tour fully customized to your individual needs. Whatever is  your choices. Just give us the details and we will help you to determine which vehicles best fit for your needs.


Offered  the best of traditional values while continually introducing new service standards and the latest technology as befits the modern world. Guests have the assurance of friendly and highly professional staff combined with the advantage of all the latest business and entertainment systems, in rooms and throughout the hotel.


Being small we can nip in between the crowds and collect you and your group from your flight. If the  numbers are bigger, we organize larger buses. Our team of drivers will take you to your accommodation and make sure you are settled in and have all you need.


Explore the world in a cruise! You can navigate the waters of the world while enjoying exclusive amenities, events, destinations and experiences all while aboard a cruise. Make your vacation a cruise come true. We’ll provide information about the ships, the services and the perks specially designed for you! These major suppliers provide our site with fantastic weekly specials. They change every week, so come back often to see what is on sale. Each supplier has different rules on when they post the specials and when you can purchase them. Contact us if you have any questions.


We can give you access to all railway networks, either directly with the railway operator or by partnering with experienced and trusted service providers, to build your individual door-to-door solution. Whether you already have a direct rail access or require pre- or post-carriage options, we can provide them together with other service offerings such as cargo handling, warehousing, distribution and customs clearance.